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You can get paid for online ad placement with Google AdSense! If you’ve ever considered using AdSense to improve revenue for your Web site, Google AdSense For Dummies will get you started. It’s loaded with tips to help you implement a successful AdSense program.

AdSense lets you generate income with ad placement on blogs and Web sites. Google AdSense For Dummies shows you how AdSense works, how to analyze cost per click and track AdSense results, and how to earn money from your blog or Web site without selling a product. Discover how to:

* Register and set up an AdSense program
* Track results with server logs, AdSense reports, and Google Analytics
* Boost AdSense income with search engine optimization techniques
* Apply Google guidelines by including relevant links and content, making your site easy to navigate, using a sitemap, and keeping links in good repair
* Fine-tune your Web site with beefed-up content to please Google and boost effectiveness
* Earn more with AdSense for RSS, streaming video, and referral units
* Design appealing ads and search boxes, and deal with ads from competitors
* Add video units to your site, design mobile ad units, and understand referral units

In Google AdSense For Dummies, author Jerri Ledford, a self-described “Google geek,” helps you make money with AdSense.

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It is clearly from the title.

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Review Prstorm from
Ok so we are going to be starting our SEO software reviews off with a little classic windows application that has stirred up a whole bunch of controversy over its years since release. Some say that the tool is old hat and is just asking for trouble (will extend on this later on) whereas others claim that it not only is still relevant but if used ‘correctly’ can be a very useful traffic and backlink generator.

Now PR Storm is whats called a referral spamming program, what it basically does is spoof a bunch of traffic to a set list of websites in the hope that 3 things will be achieved:

1. Backlinks will be generated in the, hopefully, indexed visitor logs
2. Backlinks will be placed on websites where the webmaster sees the referrals and places a link on their website
3. Generate traffic from webmasters visiting and using your website

Now I will start by addressing whether the program is able to fulfil any of the main aims above and whether it is an effective marketing process even worth attempting.

The list of sites that you feed the program via the simple URL list txt file will hopefully index their visitor stats, possibly to prove viewership to potential advertisers, and if they do when you send X amount of spoofed referrals from your website you will llikely appear with a link back to your site. This is good for gaining backlinks, sometimes these can be on high PR sites if you are lucky. You will never really know exactly how many referrals to the site but a sufficient level shouldnt be too hard to find. This can actually be very beneficial to a marketing campaign.

Point (2) is actually a little less likely to happen, some suggest that PR Storm will generate these fake referrals, webmasters will see them and visit your site. If a webmaster is to look at your site they will most likely not find their referral and indeed not link back to you. Its not an impossibility but should not be your main focus while using this tool in my opinion, only if you actually do have a link to their site presently on your site.

Webmasters will probably look at your site but dont expect to convert them into sales, leads or ad clicks as they will tend to be more savvy than the average visitor.

Now onto a bit of the controversy surrounding the PR Storm program. Basically as the program will spam site with any number of hits that you specify and can mean spamming literally thousands and thousands of sites ending in millions of hits at rapid rate. This is possibly an illegal act and should not be taken lightly, that is not to say it can be done without pissing anyone off too much. If you do intend on using PRStorm do try to hit a huge (1k+) site list at any time and with as fewer referrals as possible to minise the risk of getting the attention of your ISP and angry webmasters.

PRStorm was taken off the market a good few years ago but it is readily available on lots of websites so it is unlikely to ever be too hard to find from somewhere. The only issue I had with using PR Storm for was really getting a good list of sites to hit, there are lots of lists to download around the net and that is all good and well but generally the sites on these lists will have likely been hit hard so the gains from these sites will be slightly diminished.

If you want to use this tool to its full extent you will be best off trying to find a smaller searching tool to generate custom lists as these will be best suited to your niche and therefore less likely to have been spammed and as such the links will be easier to gain and better links in the end.

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